Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting to Know You!

Getting to Know You brought to you by Keely at Mannland5. If you want to participate, check out her fabulous bloggy blog! Happy Sunday!

1. Do you have a fetish?

I wish I could say I had some juicy sexual fetish because that would be waaay more interesting than the truth which is I don't. Sorry!! But I do have an intense, irrational attraction to camera accessories. Does that count?

2. Do you sing in the shower?

Only when I know my husband is not around. If it's just me and Clemmie, or me and the boys, I will belt it out like nobody's business. And it's usually Lady GAGA. Nice.

3. Who was your first crush?

My first celebrity crush was Robert Downey, Jr. In fact, I still have a thing for him. mmmm.....

My first "real life" crush was a boy named Adriano that went to my junior high school. He was tall, in EIGHTH grade (I was a mere 7th grader) from Colombia, and totally cute. He ended up being my first kiss too! Not bad, eh?

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?

My first thought was sensitivity - but I guess that isn't considered very "manly." I would have to say I just love it when my husband "fixes" things. Just last weekend, he came in hot and sweaty from working on the pool motor and announced that it was fixed! Just like that, with a little hard work, he got our waterfall running again! I would have had to hire someone if not for that man. It oozed yumminess...

5. Do you sleep naked?

Only if I got lucky! ;)

Actually, I am way too paranoid the kids might walk in and be traumatized for life. But I manage to sneak it in from time to time....

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?

When I blowdry my hair I'll sometimes smile at myself in the mirror. It's really strange and I'm totally aware of its strangeness as I'm doing it, but I keep on! I would DIE if Bobby walked in while I did it - I'm even embarrassed typing it out because if he reads this then he'll know! Ha! Also, if I'm running from one room to the other, I'll hold my boobs in place so they don't get super saggy when I'm an old lady. Clemmie actually copied me the other day and it was a big "uh-oh" moment.

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?

Ugh.....Facebook. It's got me in its grips! After that it's Perez or Blogger. But no matter what I do, even if it's checking my kids school calendar, I always get on Facebook. Sad, really.

8. Summer is.....?

Time for vacation! Woo-hoo! We have our annual trips to Flagstaff and San Diego with the kids, and it's such a nice retreat from the Arizona heat! It's also swimming time, sleeping in time, popsicle time, museum time, lounging around time, waterpark time, sundresses and hats time, finding-creative-things-to-do-indoors time....

One of the best things about summer is I get to spend everyday with my kids. It's a really nice break from the tedious schedule of the end of the school year. We are so ready for summer! I am so ready for the beach....


Miss Angie said...

Nope, I can totally comment on your blog. :) I ♥ your blog! :D

Krista said...

I thought so! Just wanted to make sure - I don't hear my name all the time so...... :) Thanks for letting me know!