Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's Out. Day 1. Yikes!

What a week.

Yesterday, the boys had their last day of school. I think I was as excited as they were. I got up extra early and both me and Robert took them to school together. I wanted to see Ethan walk through the kindergarten gates one last time. Next year, he will join Sebastian by the basketball courts where the "big kids" enter the school.

It was a very bittersweet moment. He was so happy walking with his classmates in his "free dress" attire. Just the night before he "graduated" with his class - complete with him singing the cutest songs on Earth and lots of smiles for just for me. I say just for me because I was making silly faces at him while he was singing and he thought it was the coolest.

Tuesday night waiting for the "graduation" to begin. Thank goodness for the clouds overhead! It was a hot one!
(For the record, she wasn't acting as sweet as she looks! All she wanted was my lipgloss and about 10,000 dum-dums.)

Aww, feels like just yesterday we were here for YOUR graduation.

Excuse the blonde head in the foreground. We WOULD be sitting on the opposite side of where he stood! Sheesh!

With his lovely teacher - we both adored her. We'll miss her next year!

After the ceremony, Ethan served us cookies in his classroom and we watched a slideshow from the school year. Images of Ethan with his fellow kindergarten buddies made Bobby choke up. It was sweet. I just couldn't believe how fast this year went.

We had a late dinner at Chipotle, because that's his favorite fast food place EVER - and talked about the following day. It's free dress day? You can bring a spray bottle to play?

And then, that day came and went. I picked them up from school and we went for a celebratory ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

They did it! And summer had officially arrived.

So how was the first day of vacation?

Well, Seb and Clemmie got on my nerves within the first two hours. I know, I know, sounds mean. And Clemmie will be happy to tell you that I am. However, I was pulled into the bathroom about eight gazillion times in a 15-minute time frame and I just about lost it. I was so over it. Like, okay....fine "Miss Thang." You know you have to go poop, but you say you're "done" as soon as you sit down. My patience levels were not very high and I just wanted to hand her over to Bobby and go to the bookstore or something. BY MYSELF.

And I get it....I do. She's still learning, there's going to be a lot of "false alarms"....yada yada yada. Whatever. It was still annoying. I feel bad about it, too, because she's doing the pee thing reeeeeallly well. This poop thing, though - I don't know what it is, but it's taking a lot longer than I had hoped for.

And Sebbie? Well Sebbie gave me serious attitude when I asked for his help bringing in some chairs from outside this morning. I. Don't. Think. So! So I made him pick up Woofie's poop in the yard, just for fun.

I hate complaining. Will not tolerate it. He changed his attitude and then we all went swimming out back. It felt wonderful and I'm so glad Bobby fixed the waterfall motor. Makes all the difference.

Then - and only then - did Clemmie decide it was time to do the deed. Right there. On the pool deck.


20 minutes before the disaster.
Looking cute, and those thighs.....I just wanna eat them!

Mr. Ethan enjoying his first day off. Sebbie did, too. But I couldn't take a decent pic of him with his head under a raft the entire time!


LeeAnn said...

What is it with little girls and dum-dums? I don't leave home without them. :-)

Your kids are absolutely adorable! Enjoy your summer!

I'm following you back from last Friday. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Carol said...

I know that feeling. I feel that way when my 4 year old comes out of bed to potty 10 times a night. That's a heck of a pool slide!

Anonymous said...

I've so been there with the accidents. not fun. :( Wow - that slide!